Wire Transfers

A wire transfer is an electronic payment service for transferring funds from one bank to another bank. It is one of the fastest methods of sending and receiving funds.

Once a wire transfer is completed, the funds are as good as cash. Wire transfers are non-returnable and permanent, so before initiating a wire transfer, please be certain about your wishes. It is Farmers State Bank’s policy to send wire transfers for our customers only.

Incoming Wire Transfers
If you’re receiving a wire from an account at another bank, please be sure to note the following information. 
  • Farmers State Bank charges a $15.00 fee for incoming domestic wires. International incoming wires or wires that are not sent through The Bankers Bank may be subject to additional fees. In addition, the bank from which you’re initiating the wire may charge a fee.
  • We receive wire transfers through our correspondent bank, The Bankers Bank.
  • The Bankers Bank ABA or Routing Number is: 103003616
  • Farmers State Bank Account Number with The Bankers Bank is: 10487
  • Special Instructions may include: Further Credit to Farmers State Bank, Customer Account # (insert account number where the wire should be deposited)
  • The address for The Bankers Bank is: 9020 N May Avenue, Suite 200, Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Outgoing Wire Transfers
  • If you wish to send a wire transfer, we first need a Wire Agreement Form for you. Click here to access a Wire Transfer Agreement form that you can complete, print and drop or mail to any of our locations. If the outgoing wire transfer is to a bank in the United States, we charge a fee of $25.00. If it’s going to a bank outside the United States, the fee will be a minimum of $50.00, dependent upon where it’s sent.
  • In order to send a domestic wire transfer, there’s some basic information that you’ll need to provide to us. We’ll need the wire beneficiary’s name, address and account number, and their bank name and routing number.
  • Wire transfers must be funded with cash, or a check or withdrawal from a Farmers State Bank account with sufficient funds.
  • For foreign wires, we’ll need additional information---please call us for more details.

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