Financial Literacy

Financial literacy means having a good basic understanding of finance, investment and money matters. The links below are good resources for all ages to learn about money and how it works in the world.

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Protect Your Identity and Your Credit!

Use good "cents" when it comes to your money!

There are lots of good resources available on the Federal Trade Commission website on protecting yourself from scammers who are out to commit fraud. Check out their Consumer Protection page at

Two of the most important tips to remember are:

  1.  Never give your account information out over the phone. Farmers State Bank will never call and ask you for your account number. We or our debit card vendor's fraud department may call you to verify your phone number, address or a transaction, but we will not ask you for your account number.
  2. Always read the "fine print" when you sign up for a free product or service over the internet. If signing up includes entering any of your account information, chances are, the product or service has some sort of fee attached to it. Make sure that you're not signing up for something that has a monthly fee. We have lots of customers who sign up for something online, not realizing that it's a monthly subscription.

Cool Tools!

The Financial Calculators below can be helpful tools for achieving your goals!

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